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Michael Gordon Catering


The Brief

Mikey came to us in late 2021 as he needed a simple yet modern website to showcase his food and to grow his business. We are proud to say that since launching the website, that he has recieved a lot of traffic that have converted into sucessful sales.

He needed a website that reflected his gourmet food and beautiful food photography, so we used a cleanand simple graphics style accross the entire website with a black and white colour scheme, to really let the photography speak and be the main point of focus.



London, UK

Web Design
Web Development


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The Challenge

Mikey wanted bold, concise and a variety of his food photography accross his website so that he could show his potential clients the variety of food he was capable of cooking. From our many discussions, it was clear that the simple approach was best, so that is why we have minimal colour and bold and simple graphics to complement the photography. We wanted the users to have a seamless express when first entering the website, hence why we have most of the information on the homepage.

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Website Features

The homepage of the website revolves around an elegant slider concept, featuring photography of Mikey's food, creating a delicious and mesmerising experience. Other key features include strong photography with the 'sample menu' and 'enquiry form' on top within a white opaque box. Overall, it was great working with Mikey on this project and we are happy that the overall website is a seamless and clean website, just what he was after!

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