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Leona Loosley Business Coach


The Brief


Kate contacted us in early 2022 as she was currently studying to become a Hypnotherapist and she wanted a calming yet responsive website for when she graduated.

We started off the project by looking at her logo, she had already commissioned another graphic designer to create her one, however she wasn't quite happy with it, so we re-worked her logo and implemented some calming pastel tones into it and changed up the text.


Once we had a starting ground, we started to plan the website, she wanted her customers to relaxed when they first landed onto her website, so I initially sourced some images that I thought we could implement across her website.

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The Challenge


We used the colours pastel peach, blue and white as the websites main colours and we incorporated the sense of relaxation into the images we chose, such as the ‘wave’ effect on all of the pages header images and the pink dusk effect on the homepage’s main image.


We played around with the graphics on the ‘Hypnotherapy’ page as Kate wanted a storm that merges into a blue and calm sky to symbolise the progression from thundering hopelessness to calm and zen due to the use of Hypnotherapy – so we photoshopped two skies together and used the finalised image as the background, we then created these slightly opaque boxes with the function to ‘read more’ about each condition sat atop the stormy to calm sky. Overall we were both pleased with the outcome as we felt this page really transitioned well.

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Website Features

Overall, we have lots of information on the Homepage from 'About Hypnotherapy' to 'About Me' to the 'Reviews'; with a lot of call to action buttons and a contact form at the footer of every page as Kate wanted her customers to easily contact her. Then on the Hypnotherapy page we have a lightbox function where you can read more about the conditions and we have a pop-up for each condition with more information and a contact button. The Pricing and Contact page is fairly simple with lots of call to action buttons and varying information. On the FAQ’s page we have an expansion function so that customers can easily navigate to a Question they may have. Overall Kate was extremely pleased with the website and loved the overall feel of it!

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